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Graphic Design Studio

Rue Arago — FRANCE


Studio specialized in graphic design and art direction. Projects presented or underway are mainly in editorial design, intervention in space, signage, visual identity, and website design. Studio works mainly with cultural actors such as museums, as well as private actors in the artistic field. Exchange, learning, discussion, adaptation, sometimes teaching, each project or collaboration is a moment to question together a new subject and its issues.

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  • Typography and Mouvement Master Fonderie de l'Image fev 2019
  • Public workshop Seoul [KR] september 2018
  • Writting space Under-Graduate students at PaTI [KR] august 2018
  • Public space, vocabulary and identity Post-Graduate students à PaTI [KR] may/june 2018
  • Poetry in space Students and Adults at Fondation du Doute à Blois [FR] may 2017
  • Public Soon Chan [KR] september 2018
  • Letters and Mask Seoul [KR] august 2018

  • Form and hangul construction Wrm, Seoul [KR] august 2018
  • Form and korean writing Elementary school Paju [KR] august 2018
  • Let's write together Elementary school Paju [KR] June 2018
  • Plaine commune France march 2018
  • Saint-Ouen France November/December 2017
  • Rapperswil-Jona Switzerland march 2017
  • Saint-Denis France 2013
  • Design and public place Maison des métallos, Paris oct 2019
  • Design and transmission EnsAD, sept 2019
  • Campus Fonderie de l'Image Paris [FR] Feb 2019
  • Between Space and Typography WRmatter, Seoul [KR] june 2018
  • Between Book, Space and Teaching Paju/Séoul [KR] june 2018
  • Cultivating Conviviality Paris [FR] feb 2018
  • Creation process, and project monitoringt SciencesPo School Paris oct 2017
  • Talk about the link between transmission and graphic design, Alliance graphique internationale [AGI] Paris sept 2017
  • Presentation of all the AIMS residency Paris [FR] june 2017
  • Selection Poster "Borders" for Humanity Fest Paris sept 2019
  • 2nd L. Biennale Design Graphique Chaumont [FR] may 2017
  • Bourse ACES, Kery James Saint-Denis [FR] 2015
  • Lauréat Jeune Talent, OMJA Aubervilliers [FR] 2011
  • Graphic design biennale Chaumont [FR] may 2019
  • ChildHood FDP art center Paris [FR] dec 2017
  • The Arab World Institute Paris [FR] nov 2017
  • Graphic National Center Chaumont [FR] may 2017
  • C'est le terrain qui fait des vagues Crous Galery, Paris [FR] june 2017
  • Ponctuation, Galerie l'Amour Bagnolet [FR] august 2014
  • Jeune talent, OMJA Aubervilliers [FR] june 2011
  • École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs Paris [FR]
  • École de Recherches Graphiques Brussel [BE]
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  • Development by Nabil Idhammou
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